Graphic of sponsored contentA recent webinar moderated by RW Jones Agency President & Managing Director Maggy Ralbovsky brought together a group of higher ed marketing and communications pros at various institutions to discuss their recent experiences using sponsored content to reach key audiences.

The webinar’s panelists were:

  • Jamie Ceman, vice president of strategic marketing and communications, Chapman University
  • Christopher Joyce, vice president for marketing and communications, Bentley University
  • Brandy Kift, director of marketing strategy, Bucknell University
  • Donna Lehmann, interim vice president for marketing and communications, Fordham University
  • Elizabeth Regan-Butts, deputy chief marketing officer, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The panelists’ slides from their presentations have been published for your reference, and there is a recording of the webinar as well.

Please note: The first several minutes of the recording was cut off; we apologize for the issue.