Effective marketing and communications are critical – perhaps now more than ever – for institutional success. As a strategic partner for more than 30 years, the RW Jones Agency understands the unique challenges of higher education marketing and communications, from inefficiencies and staffing roadblocks to staying ahead in a competitive and rapidly shifting market. Our innovative artificial intelligence services – inspired by the synergy between the growing needs of campus partners and our in-house expertise – are designed to address these issues, helping colleges and universities optimize and integrate AI to enhance their marketing and communication efforts.

Generative AI solutions, such as ChatGPT and custom GPT tools, can significantly boost the capacity of campus marketing and communications teams. By automating routine tasks like creating first drafts or editing for brand consistency, AI enables teams to focus their limited time on strategic initiatives instead. This increased efficiency can improve resource allocation, build capability and enhance the overall impact of campaigns.

Examples of Custom GPT Tools

  • Content Generation for Social Posts: Quickly create engaging and brand-consistent social media content.
  • Admissions Marketing Emails: Generate personalized and effective marketing emails to attract prospective students.
  • Website Content Creation: Develop high-quality web content that aligns with institutional messaging and supports search engine optimization.
  • Campus Communications: Craft messages that build trust and foster a strong community within the campus.
  • External Communications: Create content that raises awareness and elevates the institution’s reputation.

Benefits for Teams

  • Speed and Efficiency: AI applications allow teams to move more nimbly by providing solid initial drafts, reducing the time spent on baseline content creation or brainstorming.
  • Consistency and Alignment: GPT tools help maintain a cohesive voice across different channels and units by ensuring all communications adhere to brand guidelines and messaging maps.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Integrated generative AI can free up team members to focus on strategic priorities and high-impact goals and activities.

How We Can Help

Added capacity and capability are just one benefit of introducing AI to a strategic marketing-communications toolbox. But many partners tell us they simply don’t know where to begin, haven’t been happy with outcomes or need support to build understanding and enthusiasm with internal stakeholders. No matter where your team stands on the journey to an aligned and fully integrated AI strategy, we’re here to support you.

  • Comprehensive ChatGPT Training Sessions: Equip your team with the skills to use AI tools effectively.
  • Custom GPT Development: Tailored AI solutions address specific communication challenges.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Coaching: Continuous support ensures your AI applications and approach remain effective and up to date.

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