• Internships, summer research, new jobs: This is a great way to incorporate user-generated content into your goals of showing your institution’s outcomes. Don’t be shy about asking students or recent grads to share a photo of them at their workplace this summer. If you don’t know where to find this content, your career center or academic program coordinators may have the scoop on who has engaging internships, summer research placements or new jobs.
  • Campus scenes: A less-busy campus offers a fresh perspective on your surroundings and helps you see picturesque moments you may have missed when things were bustling. Bonus: Students who are away or recent alums will get all the feels from seeing their favorite places on their feed.

Depending on your academic calendar, campus might be quieter for you right now. That doesn’t mean your social media has to go dark.

  • Engage with polls and Q&As: A great way to figure out what students are up to this summer is to ask in a Q&A box on Instagram Story. Or ask them what they miss most about campus this summer or their favorite nap spot, dining location, study space, etc. Pull images from your media library (or take new ones) of some of the best answers and repurpose them right in Stories or as in-feed posts. Just because your students aren’t physically there doesn’t mean they aren’t engaging with your content from afar.
  • Highlight cool summer semester classes or faculty/staff who are still around: Remember that email you received during the busiest part of the semester from a campus unit that was begging for a highlight on the flagship account? Maybe now is the time to revisit those requests or find stories about the employees who keep your campus going all year-round. Many institutions also
  • hold some distinctive, hands-on summer courses that are hidden gems and because of the casualness of summer, faculty may be more open to you tagging along or popping in for content.

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