Senior Project Manager


Becca is the Senior Project Manager on the RW Jones Agency’s Shared Services team. She uses her skills in client management, task tracking and communication to ensure that expectations are clear and projects are completed on time. Becca also helps develop and implement streamlined processes within the agency. 

Over the past few years, she has led several projects, including the creation and perpetuation of an EDI action plan involving input from departments and schools across a campus of nearly 35,000 students; the launch and maintenance of a weekly newsletter from a provost; and the development and implementation of a regular newsletter from a law school dean to U.S. News voters. 

Prior to her time at the agency, Becca was a communications intern at an environmental engineering firm, where she learned how to manage social media accounts, develop press releases, and plan events. She joined RW Jones as an intern in 2019 and began developing skills in message crafting, media relations, and client relations. She joined full-time in 2020. 

A first-generation college graduate, Becca attended the University of Pittsburgh, where she graduated summa cume laude with a B.A. in Media and Professional Communications with a certificate in Public and Professional Writing. Becca also held a work-study role in Pitt’s Department of English, where she got her first glimpse at some of the inner workings of a college campus. 

Becca lives in Bradenton, Florida, with her boyfriend, Mark, and their dog, Cali. When she’s not adding tasks to Asana, you can find Becca in the pottery studio, reading on the beach or looking for new restaurants in the Tampa Bay area.