Graphic Designer


Amber Carroll Thomas (she/her) is a highly skilled graphic designer serving as the creative force behind the RW Jones Agency. In her role, Amber has demonstrated a keen ability to conceptualize and execute innovative design solutions, both for the agency and its diverse range of clients. Amber thrives on collaborating with higher education clients to uncover their unique attributes and bring them to life visually.

Amber honed her design expertise by contributing to the visual identities of renowned brands such as Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s during the decade preceding her arrival at RW Jones. During this period, she learned to seamlessly blend digital design with analog art-making, with a particular focus on lettering and illustration.

Amber holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design with a minor in communications media from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Outside the design world, Amber finds joy in her life in Pittsburgh with her wife, Danielle, and their cat, Lily. Amber is an avid gardener, an architecture enthusiast and an explorer at heart.