Rankin’s focus on campus climate strengthens portfolio of longtime higher education group.

In this week's roundup:

fewer Black and Latinx students are choosing to attend college, rising tuition is linked to inflation, and more students are pursuing their MBA online. 

This month’s roundup looks at one beloved predominantly Black college closing its doors. At the same time, another HBCU is reinstated; a sad illustration of racism’s reach when a women’s athletic team is subjected to an invasive and demoralizing traffic stop; and shared smiles as three stars attend commencement ceremonies for three very different, yet meaningful, reasons.

In this week's roundup:

COVID-19 forces students to move out early, student loan interest rates will soon be on the rise, and in-person graduations celebrate the classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022. 

In this week's roundup:

student loan relief could be on the way, transfer enrollment has declined and affirmative action may be at risk. 

In today’s blog post, we’re highlighting three events that we expect to make headlines in May. 

In this week's roundup:

Native American students in California have their tuition waived, the Second Chance Pell program expands and Harvard University addresses its legacy of slavery. 

Today we're excited to higlight our new account director, Kimberly Holmes-Iverson. Read on to learn 10 facts about the barbeque-loving, new mom from Texas. 

In this week's roundup:

Howard University’s spike in COVID cases prompts a pivot online,  interest in three-year degrees is growing, and emotional stress takes a heavy toll on students.


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