When states decrease investment in public higher education, fewer bachelor's degrees are awarded, according to a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.  

A survey finds that of 59 percent of teenagers who planned to attend a four-year college, a greater percentage were girls (68 percent) versus boys (51 percent).

Between 2017-2018, Canada increased its international student enrollment by 16 percent, according to the Canadian Bureau for International Education.

Tribal colleges are immensely influential to Native American students, especially when compared to non-native colleges, as researched by the Center for Community College Student Engagement.

Balancing work and school and paying expenses are the main impediments community college students say are impeding their success, according to the Revealing Institutional Strengths and Challenges (RISC) survey.

The Department of Education recently released a study showing that approximately one third of high schoolers have taken a dual enrollment course.

More than 105 of 150 business schools surveyed noted a drop in applicants in 2018, according to a recent study conducted by Kaplan Test Prep.

In a new report from Burning Glass Technologies, hybrid jobs, which combine two previously unrelated skills together, are more frequently being seen in job postings.

Enrollment in foreign languages dropped 9.2 percent, and foreign language offerings dropped 5.3 percent at colleges and universities between fall 2013 and fall 2016, according to a study conducted by the Modern Language Association.


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