In this week’s roundup:  

Miguel Cardona has been approved to be the U.S. Secretary of Education, more schools are having to use “professional judgement” for financial aid appeals and Common App data shows some interesting trends in this year’s admissions pool. 

It would feel wrong not to acknowledge the anniversary of pandemic living. Anyone else have fuzzy memories of Tiger King, empty aisles at the grocery store and the sudden need to learn how to bake bread? Wow, are we glad that spring is around the corner and hope is on the horizon. 

The month of February is in the rearview mirror. As we enter into March, we bring you The Lede: Highlights featuring our projected top three headline-making events for the month. 

In this week’s roundup:  

President Biden made another pick for a member of the education department, endowments saw lower returns for FY2020, and a growing number of colleges and universities are hopeful about fall ‘21.

In this week’s roundup:  

A new study shows the important ways to attract, support and retain international students; FAFSA numbers continue to show concerning trends regarding low-income applicants and President Biden’s nominee for education secretary continues to make progress towards confirmation.

In this week’s roundup:  

Colleges and universities are taking a good, hard look at their budgets, academic cheating is on the rise and the Biden administration continues to make decisions which impact higher ed. 

In this month's issue of The Roundup: HBCU Edition, we take a look at the trends and issues Historically Black Colleges and Universities are facing, as well as all of the ways in which HBCUs have helped shape public discourse over the past few weeks.

In this week’s roundup:  

As we enter into a new month, eyes are on the Biden administration and what their regulations will mean for higher ed, some admissions tactics brought on by the pandemic may be here to stay and one university has transformed its campus into a one-stop-shop for COVID-19 tests, quarantine beds, and more. 

We are excited to begin another new installment of the blog with a monthly look ahead at the top three events we’re anticipating this month. 

In this week’s roundup:  

President Biden’s first week in office has been full of fresh appointees and renewed promise of a mutually beneficial relationship with higher ed, permanent changes brought on by the pandemic are beginning to make themselves known and students grapple with the fall semester as they get started with the spring semester. 

With the end of January near, we approach the one-year mark for life in COVID-19 times. Reflection and looking towards the light at the end of the tunnel will likely be hot topics as we move towards March.


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