In this month's issue of The Roundup: HBCU Edition, we take a look at the news stories and key moments surrounding Historically Black Colleges and Universities, as well as all of the ways in which HBCUs have helped shape public discourse over the past few weeks.

In this week’s roundup:  

Colleges and universities are making decisions about masking on campus, college admissions essays are shown to have a strong correlation with wealth and Native American activists push higher education institutions to do more to atone for previous wrongdoings. 

Kick off the month of June by reading our new Lede: Highlights blog post, featuring our three anticipated headline-making events for the month. 


In this episode of On the Yard, we sit down with Southern University Vice President of External Affairs and University Relations Robyn Merrick, Ph.D. to discuss how HBCU campuses managed the pandemic while educating their communities and protecting students and faculty. We explore how HBCUs managed to make shifts rapidly and what the fall may look like for these historic institutions.

In this week’s roundup:  

Colleges and universities continue to grapple with masking policies, the job market receives a new cohort of fresh grads and the Biden administration is taking a look at student loans. 


We’re taking a little break this week and will have a fresh episode of On the Yard next week. In the meantime, we’re revisiting one of our favorite episodes of the season so far, Overcoming Frozen Success.

In this week’s roundup:  

The CDC’s latest masking guidance leads to questions on campus, the financial toll of the pandemic (for some) may not have been as bad as people predicted and some institutions are turning to their students for opinions on how to improve higher ed. 


It is no secret in certain circles that HBCUs don’t receive public funds at the same level as predominantly white institutions. But, what’s being done about it?

In this week’s roundup:  

The Biden administration is looking to include undocumented students in the emergency relief aid, HBCUs are seeing record admissions numbers and college sports are feeling the heat from all angles. 


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