College students in autumn.

In this week's roundup:

Two #VarsityBlues parents have been found guilty of fraud, hiring of college graduates has seen an uptick and PA’s 14 state institutions saw a 5.4% decrease in enrollment this year.

October 7 - 13

  • The Education Department is reinstating a unit meant to investigate colleges and any potential cases of fraud and/or abuse of financial aid. 

  • The first two parents to stand trial in the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal were found guilty of conspiracy to commit bribery and fraud.

  • Research from the National Bureau of Economic Research indicates that top-ranked colleges and universities have leaned into their “prestige” by not adjusting admittance rates with increased demand for spots. 

  • The University of Alabama system asked administration employees to sign a sweeping confidentiality agreement, preventing them from speaking to anyone outside the office about their work. 

  • The University of Michigan’s Faculty Senate approved several motions calling for changes to the university’s COVID-19 protocols and policies for addressing sexual misconduct. 

  • According to a new report from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, worker’s median earnings rise with each additional level of education. However, some workers with less education can earn more than the median of those with more education depending on field of study and occupation. 

  • Pennsylvania’s 14 state universities reportedly saw the largest dip in enrollment in more than a decade. The 5.4% decrease comes with a $36 million price tag for lost revenue. 

  • But there is good news for students and placement offices across the country: employers are very much in the business of hiring recent graduates, after a decline brought on by the pandemic. 

  • While the magic solution to filling the gap between supply and demand of internships for students is a continued issue, one thing remains clear: students need to remain flexible when looking for potential opportunities. 

  • A district court blocked Western Michigan University from requiring their student-athletes to get the COVID-19 vaccine, saying that such a rule would burden the players’ free exercise rights. 


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