College campus in the fall.

In this week's roundup:

The Biden administration attempts to recreate DACA, N.C. State’s Chancellor puts his money where his mouth is and some schools debate going online after Thanksgiving. 

September 23 - 29

  • The Department of Homeland Security drafted a proposal in an attempt to recreate DACA, following a federal court ruling that found the program to be unlawful. 
  • Believe it or not, the winter holiday season is around the corner, and some colleges and universities are sticking to what worked previously when it comes to limiting COVID-19 spread: moving instruction online after Thanksgiving. 
  • One effect of the pandemic that appears to be here to stay is the use of hybrid learning. Some students reportedly appreciate the flexibility and seem invested in sticking to this new way of doing things. 
  • N.C. State’s Chancellor recently earned a $1.5 million bonus upon successful completion of several goals, and instead of pocketing the money, he donated all of it back to the university to support students. 
  • New research out of Michigan State University and the Universities of Iowa and Minnesota shows that first-generation college students, compared to other students, are less likely to convert their degree into a job that utilizes their skills to the fullest and pays them well. Unpaid internships (or the inability to accept them) are just one contributing factor. 
  • The College Board plans to streamline the CSS profile (a tool used to gather more information on a student’s financial background) so that students and their families don’t need to spend as much time answering so many questions, hopefully making the process easier overall. 
  • Following the pandemic, colleges and universities, such as Wallace State Community College in Alabama, are extending their resources to students off campus. 
  • Spending on athletics may seem like a possible solution to more than a few problems at an institution, but it comes at a major price
  • While Congress battles over the debt ceiling, here’s what’s at stake for higher ed: the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill, “which includes free community colleges, funding for minority-serving institutions and an increase to the Pell Grant.”


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