Summer college.

In this week’s roundup:  

Students want a fully in-person fall, special concerns may need to be paid to rising sophomores and the Pell Grant stands to double in amount. 

June 24 - 30

  • Students are headed back to colleges and universities this fall – and almost all want to live on campus
  • Nearly two-thirds of college students say higher education is not worth the cost, according to a new survey from Third Way and New America. 
  • Colleges are hoping for a rebound in international student enrollment this fall, but challenges persist
  • In light of the lasting financial impacts of the pandemic on students and families, several colleges and universities are continuing their tuition freeze. Others are increasing their tuition by an average of 2%. 
  • Democrats on Capitol Hill are urging President Biden to extend the federal student loan payment moratorium by at least six months as the economy recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • A new generation of undocumented people who qualified for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals during the Trump administration can now apply for the program again, but the future of DACA is still uncertain
  • Last year’s new college students missed out on the normal first-year experience. Are colleges prepared to help them catch up? 
  • Just 4% of venture capital workers are Black. A new non-profit that connects VC firms with HBCUs is trying to change that
  • Even as some religious colleges seek exemption from anti-LGBTQ discrimination laws, it’s often campus offices of religious life that offer support to queer students at American colleges and universities.  
  • An NCAA committee has recommended that student athletes be allowed to make money on their name, likeness and image. A recent poll shows that public opinion is more or less a mixed bag when it comes to support for this change. 
  • A community college in Atlanta is proving that community colleges can achieve higher graduation rates and levels of post-graduation student success through programming designed around each and every student. 
  • The Pell Grant has failed to keep up with the rising cost of attending college. But, a new bill stands to double the current amount

Your “Weekly Higher Ed Roundup” will be moving to a biweekly cadence for the months of July and August. Be on the lookout for the next update on July 14. We will return to a weekly schedule in the fall. 

Have a happy, safe and healthy Fourth!


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