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In this week’s roundup:  

Student loan repayment looms around the corner for many Americans, the CDC has released guidance on returning to campus safely in the fall and many colleges and universities are continuing their test-optional admissions trial run. 

June 3 - 9

  • A second unusual commencement season is drawing to a close. 
  • Transfer enrollment declined by nearly 10 percent this spring compared to the same time last year, according to new data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. The biggest hit was to transfer enrollment among two-year colleges. 
  • Meanwhile, the pandemic had been a motivator for many who hadn’t been able to complete their degrees to go back and get it done. 
  • Community colleges are hoping to bring back students with new initiatives, such as connecting students to financial assistance, food pantries and mental health counseling. 
  • It wasn’t all bad: a Pearson survey of students and parents underscores the resilience and resolve of college and K-12 learners during the pandemic. 
  • As the American economy begins to recover, lawmakers are looking to pass a comprehensive new bill that will allow the United States to rely less on China. Technology and economic success for the U.S. ultimately starts with education. 
  • On October 1, many Americans will be on the hook for their student loans once again, despite President Biden’s campaign promise to relieve some of the student debt. 
  • For some colleges and universities, remote instruction was just as difficult for professors as the students, with some faculty and staff having never taken or taught an online course. In addition, higher education leaders were faced with costly build-outs of online infrastructure, though some colleges were able to invest early and have lower cost advantages. 
  • Despite initial difficulties, more than three quarters of college chief online officers report a belief that online learning is here to stay, as a complementary form of delivering instruction. 
  • Professors explore the podcast industry as a new way of learning and teaching, as this medium is accessible to download and gives the ability to teach and learn from anywhere. 
  • As higher ed institutions consider the outlook for this fall, the CDC has released their guidance for how to go back safely. 
  • Come July, collegiate athletes in seven states will be able to profit from their sports affiliation. 
  • This looms as colleges and universities consider cost-saving options surrounding athletics. 
  • Partly sparked by the pandemic’s push to go test-optional, most institutions are keeping their recently implemented policy for a few years to see whether there’s value in instituting the testing requirement in the future. 


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