College in summer.

In this week’s roundup:  

Colleges and universities are making decisions about masking on campus, college admissions essays are shown to have a strong correlation with wealth and Native American activists push higher education institutions to do more to atone for previous wrongdoings. 

May 27 – June 2

  • Colleges are loosening their mask mandates – with caveats. 
  • Colorado became the first state to ban “legacy admissions” at its public universities. Governor Jarid Polis also signed a bill lifting the requirement for applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores. 
  • Research from Stanford shows that the ACT/SAT are not the only part of the admissions process that favor wealthier applicants – in fact, they found that the application essay has an even stronger correlation with family income.
  • Native American activists are pushing colleges and universities to do more for Indigenous communities to atone for past wrongs
  • A new bill from congressional Democrats would allow college athletes to unionize, making it possible for students from across universities to band together and organize unions within athletic conferences. 
  • A major benefit of online learning is the ability to share course offerings, which is exactly what community colleges in the League for Innovation are doing.  
  • A Hechinger Report investigation found that 49 states sent unpaid student debt to costly private debt collection agencies, making debts even harder to pay off. 
  • Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand are giving $1 million to Morehouse College to support students in journalism and sports-related fields of study. The gift is part of Jordan’s Black Community Commitment, an anti-racism initiative. 
  • Pennsylvania continues the work of funding programs meant to reduce sexual assault on campus, with over 70 institutions receiving grants for their sexual violence prevention strategies. 
  • College students from more than 80 institutions have joined a coalition, Cops Off Campus, advocating for changes including abolishing campus police departments, cutting budgets and disarming officers. 
  • Howard University will name its College of Fine Arts in honor of actor and alumnus Chadwick Boseman
  • The rise in remote workers has the potential to reshape college towns, and these colleges are betting on the trend. 
  • Experts say that President Biden’s recently announced plan to address the racial wealth gap is missing one major component: student loan forgiveness.

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