In this week’s roundup:  

News of the Chauvin trial verdict quickly made its way across campuses, with related messages to the community from many leaders; questions about the equity in incentivizing COVID-19 vaccination began to arise and Princeton received a major gift for DEI efforts.  

April 15 – 21

  • Higher education leaders and community members, like many people across the country and world, watched as the Chauvin trial verdict was announced. While many heaved a sigh of relief, the need for continued action and work towards justice was echoed across campuses. 
  • Early data show that most elite colleges and universities have accepted higher numbers of traditionally underrepresented students this year than ever before. 
  • Meanwhile, flagship universities historically have not reflected the diversity of their states in enrollment data. 
  • Bloomberg Philanthropies donated $20 million to Princeton University, which the institution says will be used in “ramping up its effort to increase enrollment of first-generation and low-income students and ease their path to graduation.”
  • Following outcry about their company policy, Zoom has changed the policy in question so that colleges and universities, and all Zoom account holders, have more control over the virtual events they host using the program. 
  • Questions regarding the ethics and equity of incentivizing students to get their COVID-19 vaccination have begun to arise as campuses offer t-shirts, gift cards and even cash. 
  • The recent announcement of the pause on all Johnson & Johnson vaccine distributions has added an extra layer of complications to higher ed’s attempts to help get their communities vaccinated. 
  • In his Senate confirmation hearing last week, James Kvaal indicated support for career and technical education, free college and student loan forgiveness. If appointed undersecretary of education, Kvaal would work closely with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to implement such policies. 
  • More than a year into the pandemic, companies are once again looking at their capacity and ability to hire interns, an invaluable step in students’ paths to employment post-graduation. 
  • One key element of President Biden’s budget request for higher education is the call for $450 million to go towards climate mitigation and resilience projects for tribal colleges and universities. These types of projects not only work towards the goal of lowering carbon emissions but also towards connecting tribal colleges with their culture and building their sovereignty. 

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