In today’s blog post, we take a look at the month ahead and highlight three events that we expect to make headlines in October. 

  1. October is LGBTQ History Month, which celebrates and promotes education about the history of the LGBTQ community. Promoted annually by Equality Forum, LGBTQ History Month was first observed in 1994 when Rodney Wilson, a Missouri high school teacher, wanted to promote “the only community worldwide that is not taught its history at home, in public schools or in religious institutions.” The achievements of 31 LGBTQ icons will be highlighted throughout the month, including Susan B. Anthony, Janis Joplin, Little Richard and Mary Trump.

  2. After the ongoing pandemic forced the U.S. Supreme Court to hold remote proceedings via conference calls last year, the court will resume in-person oral arguments for its fall term beginning Oct. 4. During what could be a monumental term, the court will hear “its most significant abortion case in years,” Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which could potentially overrule Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision which provided the constitutional right to abortion. The Supreme Court will hear several other historic cases that could have significant consequences for gun rights, capital punishment and the federal government’s state secrets privilege. 

  3. The winner of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on Friday, Oct. 8. In 2020, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the World Food Programme, the world’s largest humanitarian organisation addressing hunger and promoting food security. According to Newsweek, contenders for this year’s prize include voting rights activist Stacey Abrams, the Black Lives Matter movement, the World Health Organization’s COVAX program, ex-White House advisers Jared Kushner and Avi Berkowitz, environmental activist Greta Thunberg and WikiLeaks. 

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