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HBCUs have a legacy of cultivating some of our nation's most prominent and distinguished leaders, particularly in the fields of social justice and politics. American Baptist College President Dr. Forrest Harris believes that without the contributions of HBCUs, America would be less of a nation. 

In this episode of On The Yard, we discuss the ways in which these historic institutions bring society full circle to confront the issues that are facing our communities. Dr. Harris believes that HBCUs are historically devoted to social justice and have a legacy of demonstrating what they can accomplish to improve society and the world. “HBCUs have been advocating for a whole sense of democracy, justice, freedom, and giving people full access to the things that make a human flourish,” said Dr. Harris. 

HBCUs have a rich history in Dr. Harris’ family and the community in which he was raised. When he arrived at American Baptist College to pursue his vision of studying ministry, he brought with him a sense of social purpose from his experiences at Knoxville College, an HBCU in Knoxville, Tennessee. Listen to the full episode with Dr. Harris to learn how the legacy and leadership of HBCUs have enabled young people to become representatives of America's vision.

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On the Yard explores the culture and leadership trends happening across Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) nationwide. The podcast dives into the unique issues faced by these historic and minority-serving institutions through a series of conversations with leaders and advocates.


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