Education Secretary Betsy DeVos addressed education leaders at the American Council on Education this week suggesting that “higher ed is due for a rethink.”

DeVos called on colleges and universities to consider curriculums that help students leave school and enter into the “over seven million unfilled jobs in the U.S.,” which she called “blue tech” jobs. She suggested that colleges and universities were not doing enough to train students for jobs suggesting that “there are many disconnects between education and the economy.”

During her speech, DeVos suggested that the Department of Education was doing its part by taking steps to rethink the accreditation process calling it a system that “favors the status quo and stymies competition.” She promised more about changes to accreditation in January when the DOE will “launch an ambition negotiated rulemaking effort” that proposes to “restore shared responsibility in higher education oversight and encourage new approaches and partnerships.”

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